RANAdvisor RF Measurement Receiver

RANAdvisor RF Measurement Receiver
The W1314B RF measurement receiver is a multi-band up to 8, multi technology (LTE TDD, LTE FDD, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMax), portable and rugged solution that meets all your RF measurement needs.

The RANAdvisor RF receiver is an integral part of the JDSU RANAdvisor solution. With easy configuration and robust connections, you can get quick and accurate measurements from the receiver when it is combined with the RANAdvisor optimization software.

Fastest multi-technology receiver worldwide 

  • Perform simultaneous multi-technology measurements during a single drive-test or indoor survey
  • Supports LTE, UMTS, GSM, cdma2000, 1xEVDO, iDEN, Mobile WiMAX™, CW and Spectrum Analysis
  • All measurement collection and analysis performed within the receiver hardware minimizing laptop processing requirements

Rugged and reliable

  • Designed to last for years of daily drive testing
  • Solid, RF shielded housing
  • Integrated 4-port USB hub (W1314A only)
  • Integrated 50 channel GPS eliminating the need for additional hardware cabling


  • Add new technologies via s/w license as they become available or as you need them
  • Automatic software upgrades for extended product life
  • Add up to four handsets with USB charging, without impacting specified receiver measurement performance (W1314A only)

Small form factor

  • Low weight and 18W power consumption
  • Outdoor or Indoor (backpack) use

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