DSAM-6300 Network Maintenance Sweep Meter with DOCSIS / EuroDOCSIS Capabilities

A Wavetek™ Series Field Meter. The DSAM-6300 combines the JDSU patented Stealth Sweep™ technology with the best in class combination of full DOCSIS 3.0 testing, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Level Meter and QAM analyzer.
Combines triple-play services testing, forward and return path maintenance, and Stealth Sweep™ Technology to deliver award-winning performance.

A Wavetek™ Series Field Meter

The DSAM-6300 combines the JDSU patented Stealth Sweep™ technology with the best in class combination of full DOCSIS 3.0 testing, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Level Meter and QAM analyzer


  • 8 downstream x 4 upstream DOCSIS 3.0 testing
  • Throughput testing of bonded services
  • Up to 304 Mbps down, 120 Mbps up (6 MHz carriers)
  • Up to 400 Mbps down, 120 Mbps up (8 MHz carriers)
  • Gigabit Ethernet port standard
  • Optional Gig E Throughput testing available
  • Improved Digital Carrier testing
  • Deep interleave video BER standard
  • MER range up to 45 dB
  • DQI measurement capability
  • MoCA® compatible
  • Cable Labs®-compliant certificates
  • Legacy support for DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0
  • Includes all measurements and features of previous models
  • Fully featured SLM (Signal Level Meter) with QAM analysis and integrated DOCSIS® cable modem
  • Reduce repeat truck rolls Increase productivity and with comprehensive Home Certification test
  • Consistent and accurate testing and reporting powered by the Tech Complete™ TPP software
  • Powerful troubleshooting of service impairments with DQI, QAM Ingress, and VoIP Check
  • Weatherproof, rugged & lightweight to meet the demands of field technicians
  • Remote meter management with consistent and accurate test reporting powered by the Tech Complete™ TPP software
  • Powerful microprocessor and color display for fast power up and dramatic display clarity, now shipping as DSAMXT
  • 4 to 1000 MHz range with optional 42 MHz, 65MHz, or 85MHz diplexers to match the return path


  • Non-invasive forward and reverse sweeping for construction, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Conduct full DOCSIS 3.0 performance testing
  • Perform 8 downstream by 4 upstream bonded carrier testing
  • Troubleshoot digital QAM carriers  -Troubleshoot and eliminate intermittent HDTV and HSD service impairments with JDSU’s unique DQI, QAM Ingress, and VoIP Check™
  • Find Return Path
  • Verify service quality  - Qualify the quality and availability of revenue generating Voice, Cable Modem, and Digital Video services at installation time
  • Home Certification™ reports -  Establish consistent installation and service procedures to reduce repeat truck rolls with DSAM’s Home Certification option
  • Legacy testing of DOCSIS 1.X and 2.0
  • Test digital and analog video
  • Ethernet Testing of customers service
  • Troubleshoot upstream noise and service issues interactively with PathTrak™ using Field view and QAM demodulation on RPM-3000
  • Segment HSD and VoIP problems between HFC network and IP backbone with JDSU’s exclusive VoIP Check™

Key Features

  • 8 downstream x 4 upstream DOCSIS 3.0 testing
  • Digital carrier testing with up to 45 dB MER range
  • Integrated Pre-Amplifier for -45dBmV ingress scans and return path troubleshooting
  • Compatible with existing JDSU Stealth Sweep™ Systems, assuring non-interfering forward and reverse sweep operation compatible with today’s digital carriers
  • Forward sweep1 allows non-interfering sweeping of analog, digital, and DOCSIS carriers
  • Reverse sweep1 and Reverse Alignment for return path maintenance
  • Complete DOCSIS® testing of carriers including MER, BER, throughput, packetloss, jitter, and delay1
  • DQI Digital Quality Index to help find and eliminate intermittent problems
  • Home Certification test simplifies fulfillment testing and reduces truck rolls1
  • QAM Ingress – finds noise and interferers inside the QAM carrier1
  • VoIP Check option – Provides MOS call quality ratings and segments HFC and IP
  • 24 hour Proof of Performance testing including Hum, C/N, MER, BER and Power Levels
  • Powerful spectrum analysis1
  • Upstream 16/64 QAM generator1
  • Weather and shock-resistant enclosure
  • Configuration of channel plans and tests via the TechComplete TPP software
  • Complete QAM analyzer and Analog tester

(1) Some features are either optional or model dependent – refer to family brochure or contact factory for availability 

Application Notes

Analog Carrier-to-Noise Measurement Best Practices (PDF, .53MB)
Detecting QAM Signal Leakage with the DSAM QAM Egress Option (PDF, .41MB)
Digital Quality Index Application Note (PDF, .42MB)
DSAM DOCSIS 3.0 Spectrum Analyzer Applications (PDF, .13MB)
DSAM VoIP Application Note (PDF, .40MB)
Forward Sweep and Balance (PDF, .19MB)
Home Network Certification and Troubleshooting with SmartID (PDF, .76MB)
Return Path Troubleshooting (PDF, .23MB)
Reverse Sweep and Balance (PDF, .20MB)
SmartID Service Plans and Limits Overview (PDF, .18MB)
Sweep Equipment & Configuration on Application Note (PDF, 1.70MB)


DSAM Family Brochure (PDF, 2.63MB)
Track Performance all the way to the RF Edge (PDF, 1.55MB)

Case Studies

DSAM Equalizer Case Study (PDF, .23MB)

Data Sheet

DSAM - Home Certification and Network Meter (PDF, .26MB)
DSAM-6300 Data Sheet (PDF, .89MB)
SmartID Advanced Coax Probes (PDF, 1.52MB)
TechComplete Cable Closeout Data Sheet (PDF, .36MB)
TechComplete Test Productivity Pack Datasheet (PDF, 1.09MB)

Line Card

Cable Network Test Solutions (PDF, 2.10MB)

Manual/User Guide

DSAM Quick Start Guide - English (PDF, 1.69MB)
DSAM XT and DOCSIS 3.0 Upgrade Guide (PDF, 1.11MB)


HFC Find & Fix Poster Using DSAM (PDF, 4.45MB)
Voice Over IP (VoIP) Technology Reference Chart (PDF, 1.03MB)

Product and Solution Briefs

DSAM Equalizer Option (PDF, .49MB)
DSAM V4.0 Software Release (PDF, .76MB)
DSAM WiFi Option (PDF, 2.33MB)
Field View QAM (PDF, .44MB)
Field View QAM (ko) (PDF, .44MB)
Gain Unprecedented Visibility into Upstream Performance with PathTrak Webview 3.0 (PDF, 1.09MB)
Gain Unprecedented Visibility into Upstream Performance with PathTrak WebView 3.0 (PDF, 1.09MB)
JDSU SmartID Advanced Coax Probes (PDF, .77MB)
PathTrak™ WebView™ 3.0으로 업스트림(상향) 성능을 시각적으로 확인할 수 있는 뛰어난 기능 (ko) (PDF, 1.15MB)
StrataSync Product Brief (PDF, .51MB)

Promo Sheet

DSAM-6300 for Essential Fiber Testing (PDF, .40MB)
DSAMobile iPad® Application (PDF, 1.29MB)
PLUS Deployment & Support Express Loaner (PDF, .20MB)
PLUS Support Plans (PDF, .12MB)
QAM Egress and LTE Interference Option for DSAM (PDF, .28MB)
신속한 대여와 맘춤 교체재고관리 (ko) (PDF, .32MB)

Technical Notes

SmartScan™ - Finding Problems Between Tap and Home (PDF, .40MB)

White Paper

Improving Instrument Management and Increasing Workflow Efficiency (PDF, .38MB)


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DOCSIS® 3.0 Testing on DSAM
DOCSIS® 3.0 Testing on DSAM
Find out more about how DSAM can test the bonded performance of full 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 carriers with one measurement.