Diode Lasers

A Unique Combination of Power and Reliability

JDSU is leading the commercial laser industry's transition to "telecom-grade" diode laser products. Our diverse portfolio of near-infrared diode lasers offers predictable reliability with at least 100,000 hours mean time before failure (MTBF) while delivering high brightness at competitive price points.

As one of the world's largest vendors of high-power diode lasers, JDSU is at the forefront of introducing high performance technology into a wide variety of applications including optical pumping of fiber and solid-state lasers, material processing, thermal exposure, illumination, ophthalmology, medical, image recording, printing, spectral analysis, and optical data storage.​​


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3D Sensing and Gesture Recognition

High-performance, innovative, and reliable optical solutions.

Diode Lasers for Consumer Electronics
Diode Lasers for Consumer Electronics (PDF, 233 KB)
Higher performance, smaller footprint with telecom reliability.

A New Way to Interact with Technology
Learn how JDSU technologies are helping to tear down barriers between people and technology.

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High Power Diode Lasers Overview (PDF, 437 KB)
JDSU Diode Lasers provide a unique combination of quality, reliability, and brightness.

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