Enhancing the security, safety and performance attributes of products
for government and commercial customers

JDSU develops and delivers high value optical components and solutions that enhance the security, safety and other performance attributes of its customers’ products.

High-performance, innovative, and reliable optical solutions.

Fighting Counterfeiting in the Defense Industry

JDSU offers a full suite of overt, covert, and digital authentication solutions to protect against counterfeiting.​

Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) and Combating Counterfeiting

IP protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts require an entire online ecosystem of resources.​

JDSU’s flagship security offering, Optically Variable Pigment (OVP®), enables a color-shifting effect that has become a standard anti-counterfeiting technology used by governments world­wide for applications on banknotes and other high value documents and products. JDSU also supplies products for applications that enable gesture recognition systems, protect pharmaceutical packaging against fraud and enhance the performance of night vision goggles.


JDSU components and solutions are produced to rigorous quality standards to address the complex needs of governments and major corporations. To learn more about our product lines, explore:


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