PacketPortal is a Cloud based approach to embed data-capture technology throughout the network, delivering in-line intelligence to any monitoring, management or business application.

PacketPortal is an open software system based on a cloud computing paradigm. It collects intelligence about customers, services and content from networks. PacketPortal de-couples data collection from data management enabling data collectors that can be embedded into existing network equipment and deliver in-line intelligence to any monitoring, management or business application.


PacketPortal gathers and analyzes customer, content and network information, bringing unprecedented scalability to obtain critical information.  This enables more effective customer experience management, instant analytics, accelerated troubleshooting, and insight for new revenue-generating services.

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  • Improve customer experience with proactive monitoring of subscriber, application, and content key performance indicators from the entire network.
  • Harvest valuable intelligence to optimize performance, minimize revenue leakage, improve troubleshooting, and introduce new services.
  • Easily obtain information, eliminate monitoring ports, taps, costly overlay networks and remote packet inspection appliances.
  • Realize a risk-free return on investment, complement and increase the power of existing tools, systems and network devices.
  • IPTV Service Quality monitoring at the network edge
  • Minimize support costs, shrink customer issue resolution times
  • Improve mobile network performance and customer retention
  • Remotely monitor LTE call handoff, resolve issues rapidly
  • Increase revenue and differentiation
  • Capture critical intelligence, enhance and customize services
Key Features
  • Decoupled data collection and management improves reach, visibility, and scalability
  • IP-Lock secure, protected, encrypted, communications channel
  • Extensible platform powered by an Open API and developer toolkit.
  • Autodiscovered data collectors, centrally managed and controlled.
  • Penalty-free in-line packet examination and time-stamping
  • Green solution: dramatically reduced cost, footprint, energy consumption

Application Notes

Hosted-Application Performance Hinges on Network Performance (PDF, .16MB)
Improving WAN Optimization Strategies (PDF, .12MB)
Overcoming Enterprise Branch Office Visibility Blind Spots (PDF, .73MB)
PacketPortal Metric Result Packets (MRPs) (PDF, .13MB)


JDSU Solutions for Small Cells: Pushing the EDGE with Small Cells (PDF, 5.42MB)

Data Sheet

JDSU PacketPortal™ 网络智能微探针解决方案 (zh) (PDF, 2.73MB)
PacketPortal Solution (PDF, 1.82MB)

Product and Solution Briefs

Analyze Your Data Network with PacketPortal and Wireshark (PDF, .98MB)
PacketPortal and Network Analyzer (PDF, .99MB)
PacketPortal Deployment Services (PDF, .53MB)
PacketPortal™ Metric Result Packet (MRP) Overview (PDF, .08MB)
Small-Cell Assurance Solution (PDF, .97MB)
Troubleshooting LTE with PacketPortal and SART (PDF, .55MB)
Voice, Video, and Data Troubleshooting with PacketPortal and Triple Play Analyzer (PDF, 1.23MB)

Promo Sheet

PacketPortal Redefines Customer, Content and Network Intelligence (PDF, .49MB)

Selection Guide

JDSU Test and Measurement Product Offerings for Government, Aerospace, and Defense (PDF, 2.65MB)

White Paper

Adoption of Cloud Computing Hinges on Application Performance (PDF, .15MB)
Customer Experience Assurance (CEA) — the New Paradigm (PDF, .76MB)
Enhancing Flow Based Network Monitoring (PDF, .60MB)
How PacketPortal Works (PDF, 1.06MB)
Improving the Effectiveness of Flow-Based Monitoring and Troubleshooting (PDF, .21MB)
PacketPortal IP-Lock Security (PDF, .25MB)
PacketPortal Overview (PDF, .40MB)
Small Cells and the Evolution of Backhaul Assurance (PDF, 1.16MB)
xSIGHT Real Time Intelligence Platform (PDF, 1.79MB)
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