HST-3000 Handheld Services Tester

HST-3000 Handheld Services Tester
Premier triple –play access network tester  installs and maintains copper and fiber based bonded ADSL/VDSL, IPTV, Microsoft TV, VoIP and data plus legacy networks.

The HST-3000 provides the best any access network tester has to offer. Built on a strong and proven reputation for test accuracy, the HST-3000 can help you find real problems up to 30 percent faster. The HST-3000 starts with unsurpassed copper qualification and fault-finding tools and adds fiber inspection, single and bonded pair ADSL2+/VDSL2, Gigabit Ethernet, IPTV, Microsoft TV and VoIP testing to help round out full triple play testing strategy. It also supports legacy T1, DS3, ISDN PRI/BRI, and other interfaces via field-swappable modules and optional software.


  • Best-in-class for test accuracy -- it really does matter
  • Multiple chipsets supported for xDSL -- widest interoperability on the market
  • Find real problems up to 30% faster -- correlates copper, xDSL and IPTV measurements
  • Protects your investment -- modular approach to add GigE, Ethernet, E1, etc.
  • Helps you define an accurate, repeatable test strategy -- with automated tests, expert modes -- reduces errors and minimizes repeats.



  • Full copper analysis suite – qualify, provision, and troubleshoot copper pairs – includes DVOM, Opens, TDR, wideband TIMS, spectral noise, and resistive fault locator (RFL).
  • Bonded ADSL2+/VDSL test accuracy brings up both pairs of a bonded group simultaneously
  • Gigabit Ethernet module features SAMComplete/ ITU-T Y.1564 service activation- automated SLA verification and troubleshooting for circuits that carry multiple services and bandwidth profiles.
  • Unique USB-mounted JDSU P500i provides unique pass/fail fiber inspection
  • Standard automation and TechComplete - Improve testing processes through automation and centralized, web-based management tools.


Key Features

  • 3.8" diagonal, 1/4 VGA, Color Active Matrix display.
  • Simplified user interface to facilitate ease-of-use and minimize technicians learning curve.
  • Handheld, rugged and portable. Lightweight (1.3kg/2.7lb). Weather resistant. Ideal for field use.
  • Battery operated (up to 10 hours). Swappable battery pack.
  • RS-232, USB and Ethernet connectivity.
  • PC replacement - including file transfer, 8MB of storage, VT100 emulation, printing and web browser.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker. Headset connection.

Application Notes

Finding Split Pairs with the HST-3000 Crosstalk TDR (PDF, .37MB)
HST-3000 Class of Service (CoS) Test Suite (PDF, 1.77MB)
HST-3000 Time-Domain Reflectometer (TDR) (PDF, .18MB)
Measuring the True Length of a Cable Pair with OneCheck and the UltraFED™ IIB (PDF, .27MB)
Microsoft TV Test (PDF, .93MB)
Resistive Fault Location (RFL) Pre-Testing with HST-3000 OneCheck (PDF, .48MB)
Testing for Bridged Taps with OneCheck and the UltraFED™ IIB (PDF, .45MB)
Testing for Bridged Taps with OneCheck and the UltraFED™ IIB (PDF, .45MB)
Testing for Series Faults with OneCheck and the UltraFED™ IIB (PDF, .29MB)
Turning Up Bonded DSL Service Requires a Bonded Modem Design Test Tool (PDF, .32MB)
What is RFL? (PDF, .17MB)


Copper Testing Made Easy (PDF, .21MB)
HST-3000 Platform Overview (PDF, 1.00MB)
Triple-Play Services over FTTx (PDF, 5.85MB)

Data Sheet

HST-3000 Broadcom Bonded ADSL2+/VDSL2 SIM (PDF, .67MB)
HST-3000 Copper and DSL (PDF, .21MB)
HST-3000 Datacom SIM (PDF, .18MB)
HST-3000 DDS Local Loop SIM (PDF, 1.26MB)
HST-3000 DS3 SIM (PDF, .33MB)
HST-3000 E1/Datacom SIM (PDF, .19MB)
HST-3000 Ethernet SIM (PDF, .52MB)
HST-3000 Infineon ADSL2+/VDSL2 SIM (PDF, .71MB)
HST-3000 T1 SIM (PDF, .28MB)
HST-3000 VoIP Software Option (PDF, .33MB)
HST-3000 Wideband Copper II (PDF, .47MB)
MP-60 and MP-80 Miniature USB 2.0 Power Meters with FiberChek™ Pro Integration (PDF, .38MB)
SDI-100 RFI Accessory (PDF, .18MB)
UltraFED (PDF, .69MB)
Wireless Infrastructure Test Applications (PDF, .26MB)

Line Card

Antene Kadar Fiber (FTTA) için Test ve İzleme Çözümleri (tr) (PDF, .73MB)
Test and Monitoring Solutions for FTTA (PDF, 1.01MB)
Test Solutions for Government Aerospace and Defense (PDF, 1.01MB)


Voice Over IP (VoIP) Technology Reference Chart (PDF, 1.03MB)

Product and Solution Briefs

StrataSync Product Brief (PDF, .51MB)
TechComplete for HST-3000 (PDF, 1.02MB)

Promo Sheet

JDSU's VoIP Solution (PDF, .19MB)
PLUS Deployment & Support Express Loaner (PDF, .20MB)
PLUS Support Plans (PDF, .12MB)
신속한 대여와 맘춤 교체재고관리 (ko) (PDF, .32MB)

Selection Guide

JDSU Access and In-Home Tools (PDF, 1.83MB)
JDSU Test and Measurement Product Offerings for Government, Aerospace, and Defense (PDF, 2.65MB)
JDSU Test Solutions for FTTA (PDF, 3.08MB)

White Paper

Ensuring Reliable Delivery of Triple Play Bundled Services Over FTTx (PDF, .14MB)
Ethernet OAM Test Applications (PDF, .29MB)
How Enhanced DSL Technologies Optimize the Last Copper Mile (PDF, 1.69MB)
Improving Instrument Management and Increasing Workflow Efficiency (PDF, .38MB)
Improving the Process (PDF, .08MB)
IP Video Quality of Service (PDF, .27MB)
IPTV Test and Measurement Best Practices (PDF, 2.38MB)
Making the Case for Testing Ethernet Links (PDF, .14MB)


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"Turn DSL into Gold"
"Turn DSL into Gold"

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HST-3000 Handheld Services Tester Overview
HST-3000 Handheld Services Tester Overview
Modular, access network tester for qualifying, installing, and repairing copper and fiber-based xDSL, FTTx, and PON-based IPTV, VoIP, data, and triple-play services.
Triple-Play Service Deployment
Triple-Play Service Deployment

A comprehensive guide to triple-play test, measurement, and service assurance.