With more units shipped than any other supplier, JDSU is the market leader for Reconfigurable Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs) offering MEMS and PLC-based technologies with a broad portfolio covering edge to long-haul networks. A key component of the Self-Aware Network, ROADMs are fast becoming the core of every optical node, providing the flexibility to remotely reconfigure any or all wavelengths, thereby reducing time-to-service, simplifying the network and streamlining planning and management.

ROADM Leadership

  • Industry's first 50 GHz WSS carrying 100G live traffic
  • Market leaders since 2002; >45,000 units shipped (as of July 2010)
  • Worldwide deployment in all networks
  • 50 GHz cascadable to 24+ nodes
  • Scalable platforms (1x2 to 1x23)
  • High-volume manufacturing (thousands/qtr.)

                                              Leading in ROADM technology since 2002.