JDSU offers a broad portfolio of lithium niobate modulators for telecommunications, CATV, and specialty applications. X- and Z-cut, RZ and NRZ, zero-chirp and extended reach, bias free, and bias ready models are available in butterfly and miniature package styles.

The modulators are paired with fixed wavelength or tunable lasers in high performance applications, including metro core and long haul telecom. Unlike directly modulated lasers, the modulators control optical phase as well as amplitude. They are required components in systems using higher order modulation formats incorporating phase shift keying.

Analog, Switching, and Sensing Modulators

JDSU offers a portfolio of devices that have been designed for operation at wavelengths from 800 nm to 1600 nm. Applications include communications, navigation, control, sensing, and laser switching. These devices were designed to meet the requirements found in commercial and military environments. Custom designs are also available.



Telecom Modulators


JDSU has delivered more than 300,000 modulators to the telecom industry, with products that support data rates from 2.5 to 100 gigabits/second in metro, regional, and long-haul networks. The modulators enable wavelength-tunable transmission and support higher-order modulation formats where the independent control of optical amplitude and phase is required.



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