Wavelength Selective Switch 3D Demo

The JDSU portfolio of wavelength selective switch (WSS) products is a key element of agile optical network (AON) nodes. These switches provide the flexibility to remotely reconfigure any—or all—wavelengths, thereby reducing time-to-service and streamlining networks. The result is significant savings in operating and capital expenses.
Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS)
  • The JDSU WSS is currently used in all major optical network deployments worldwide.


Mini WSS
  • The next-generation Mini WSS platform delivers improved performance and more integrated functionality in a smaller form factor, providing reconfigurability all the way to the network edge.


Nano WSS
  • Leveraging the core elements of the extensive suite of JDSU ROADM technologies, the Nano WSS is the smallest WSS in the industry, and a key building block of our AON Super Transport Blade platform.