Laser, Solid-State, Q-Switched, 355/532 nm, up to 11 W (Q Series)

Laser, Solid-State, Q-Switched, 355/532 nm, up to 11 W (Q Series)

JDSU Q Series lasers lead the market for high-power Q-switched diode-pumped UV and green lasers used for a wide variety of high-precision, micromachining applications. Whether for high-pulse-energy processing of materials such as ceramics, high-repetition-rate processing of materials such as sapphire or silicon, or patterning thin-film solar cells, the Q Series lasers deliver unsurpassed performance combined with industry-leading uptime.

Due to the self-stabilizing characteristics of intracavity UV harmonic generation, all Q Series lasers exhibit inherently high energy, high pulse-to-pulse stability and long-term output power stability. In addition, the excellent thermal management of the unique Nd:YAG-based direct-coupled pump (DCP) architecture achieves excellent beam quality over a wide range of operating conditions and maintains exceptionally stable beam position and profile, which is important for processes requiring accurate feature placement. These advantages enable Q series lasers to achieve the tightest possible process tolerances for micromachining and other materials-processing applications.

Key Features

  • Highest commercially available pulse energy and peak power
    Tighter process control due to superior energy stability enabled by unique intracavity harmonic generation
  • Capable of processing the widest range of materials due to large selection of pulse energies, pulse widths, and repetition rates
  • High reliability due to low fluence in harmonic crystals and no cavity optic coatings exposed to UV
  • 355 and 532 nm outputs available
  • Customization available upon request


  • Wafer scribing
  • Full-cut wafer dicing
  • Low-k dielectric grooving
  • Micromachining of silicon, sapphire, ceramic, and metal
  • Micro-via drilling
  • PCB and flexboard cutting


Q-Series UV: Typical Performance

Q-Series Green: Typical performance

Q-Series Green: Typical Performance

Q-Series Green: Typical performance


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