ChromaFlair Pigment

ChromaFlair® pigment enables specialty light effects and is added to paint to produce a unique visual impact. It is comprised of unique, multi-layer flakes that give paints, coatings, plastics, textiles, and packaging the ability to change color when viewed from different angles. Each flake is created using a revolutionary thin-film technology and exhibits a wide range of hues depending on the angle at which it is viewed and the angle of incidence of light—a dramatic color shift that is achievable even in low-light environments.

ChromaFlair pigment is manufactured by the deposition of ultra-thin layered structures similar to those sometimes found in nature such as soap bubbles, butterfly wings, and sea shells. Precisely controlling the thickness of the multi-layers in the flake structure produces different colors.



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ChromaFlair Light-Interference Pigments
ChromaFlair Light-Interference Pigments

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