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“Has My Boss Seen This Yet?”
JDSU SmartID™ certifies an in-home network in less than two minutes and immediately identifies hidden splitters, amplifiers and faulty coax

SmartID 6 Pack with DSAMJDSU heard that question a lot last month at the SCTE trade show when it came to JDSU SmartID coax probes. SmartID and the DSAMXT meter quickly verify readiness for triple-play and MoCA® services and troubleshoot existing installs and cabling.

With these tools, you can:

  • significantly reduce repeat calls by thoroughly certifying coax topology and quality in under 2 minutes
  • identify issues at-a-glance with triple-play and MoCA results summaries
  • immediately see hidden splitters, amplifiers, and faulty coax with the network mapping tool.

Problematic coax already accounts for 40-50 percent of repeat calls, and as multiroom DVR proliferates, the calls will only increase. Using SmartIDs at each set-top box, terminal adapter, and cable modem lets technicians see impairment locations immediately, dramatically speeding troubleshooting. Technicians also save considerable time by quickly seeing whether existing cable drops need replacement or just repair.

BTR 2011 - 4.5 DiamondThis probe is unique in the industry and received a 4.5 Diamond rating (out of 5) in the Broadband Technology Report. It is available now for all DSAMXT models with v4.0 firmware.

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