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Only PacketPortal™ Gives You Customized, Real-Time Statistics All the Way to the Network Edge With Existing Equipment and Without Impacting Performance

PacketPortalToday, JDSU introduces key enhancements to its PacketPortal Platform adding new benefits for customers, application partners, and equipment suppliers that address the growing need for network and content performance statistics in data-rich networks. New metric results packets (MRPs) capabilities provide key statistics collected from intelligent network visibility SFProbes distributed throughout the network edge.

  • Customer benefits: Get customized, real-time statistics consistently from throughout the network without impacting performance. Feed real-time analytics systems with highly granular high-resolution performance information, including utilization, packet distribution, directional latency, protocol, and customizable application-layer statistics. MRPs can be used to rapidly make informed network policy management decisions for software-defined (SDN) and self-optimizing (SON) networks.
  • Application partner benefits: The PacketPortal open interface enables partners to quickly integrate network statistics into a variety of applications including network and performance management, service assurance, policy management, and customer experience management systems. Application partners can differentiate solutions using customizable network- or application-specific statistics, leveraging the MRPs’ near real-time nature to make quick decisions.
  • Network equipment supplier benefits: Provide rich, granular statistics without impacting packet-processing performance from existing network devices. PacketPortal helps network equipment suppliers implement enhanced statistics as customer requirements evolve, protecting footprint without costly and time-consuming software re-engineering. Equipment suppliers can now differentiate product capabilities and increase their competitiveness by offering advanced embedded statistics collection and embedded packet capture.

PacketPortal has already been recognized as market-leading and MRPs extend the platform’s capability to complement the filtered results packets (or FRPs) providing both real-time statistics and embedded data capture. This combined with other capabilities introduced in Release 1.3 enables new services, applications, and opportunities for customers and partners.

Use case: MRPs provide further highly differentiated, valuable capabilities to those already delivered by the PacketPortal platform. The intelligence that MRPs deliver can enrich several applications such as network or policy management, monitoring, and security. Microprobes, such as SFProbes, in combination with centralized software are deployed in-line throughout the network edge. Network operators can use the information PacketPortal delivers to make intelligent decisions about network policies, to optimize and fine-tune application performance, to obtain detailed insight about customer experience, and to enhance service delivery.

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