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Test and Certify In-Home Wiring in Under 2 Minutes with the
Industry-Leading JDSU DSAM

DSAMJDSU now offers its industry-leading Digital Service Activation Meter (DSAM) with innovative solutions for modem upstream troubleshooting and inside-wiring certification, providing the broadest range of HFC network and in-home networking tools in a single meter.

New benefits available as a firmware download (v4.0) for
DSAM-XT* users include:

  • Become the fastest, most-efficient, cost-effective field crew with Field View QAM and SmartID™, industry-leading capabilities developed specifically for HFC test and install certification.
  • Identify previously unseen cable-modem upstream issues with Field View QAM that are missed with traditional spectrum analysis.
  • Test and certify in-home wiring in under 2 minutes with SmartID, validate the coax network for MoCA in a flash.
  • DSAM cable modem tests now support IPv6 and Dual MAC/BPI+, prove the advanced provisioning aspects of DOCSIS® 3.0 and validate multiple service offerings at install (for future service turn-up/upgrade).

Use Case: The JDSU Digital Service Activation Meter (DSAM) is a handheld field meter for DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS™ cable-modem installation that increases the speed and efficiency of installers deploying high-speed data and video services. DSAM offers the industry’s first DOCSIS 3.0 models that provide best-in-class full DOCSIS 3.0 testing. Field View QAM leverages JDSU PathTrak™ MACTrak™ technology to deliver upstream modem performance information to the field, making troubleshooting modem issues a one-person job, reducing find-and-fix time and manpower overhead while streamlining field operations. SmartID lets DSAM users troubleshoot and validate inside-wiring connectivity and quality in a fraction of the time using the SmartID advanced coax probes. Mapping of connectivity, losses, and issues proves that the coax can support distribution technologies, including MoCA before connecting any customer premises equipment.

For more information on the DSAM-XT V4.0, download the product information and release notes/firmware or visit our website.

*These dynamic new features are only available as an upgrade on the DSAM with XT hardware (see upgrade info for details).

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