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This is one of the most exciting periods in the history of JDSU. Our recent news to separate into two industry-leading technology companies is causing a lot of excitement at JDSU. Both companies will operate as well-established, well-funded organizations hyper-focused on maneuvering with agility in their markets.

Furthermore, the separation enables each business to move with greater focus and agility to stay ahead of the fast pace of technology change and improve alignment with our customers. We are looking for candidates who want to be a part of our transformation and will bring their energy, expertise and fresh perspective to the development of these two new organizations.


Join the Communications and Commercial Optical Products (CCOP) Business


Join the Network and Service Enablement (NSE) and Optical Security and Performance Products (OSP) Business

The CCOP company has a long-standing reputation for optical innovation and quality, serves a $7.4B optical communications market, an approximate $2.5B commercial lasers market, and is an early leader in the nascent 3-D sensing (or gesture recognition) market.

Strengths of this team in JDSU include:

  • Market leader for optical communications for the telecom market
  • Widely recognized for optical communications expertise, innovation and reliability
  • Well-established, long-standing relationships with telecom network equipment manufacturers (NEMs)
  • A high-growth company with strong financial performance
  • Providing exciting employment opportunities in telecom, Datacom networking, 3-D sensing and commercial lasers.

CCOP after the split will be a smaller, more agile organization that will focus its time, money and energy on being a leader in optical communications and strengthening its position in Datacom and commercial lasers.

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The NSE company will be a leader in its core businesses, addressing an approximate $7B network and service enablement market. The NSE company will primarily focus its investments in higher growth markets, particularly software to support virtualized and software-defined networks (SDN).

The OSP anti-counterfeiting business addresses an approximate $1.1B market growing at an expected 6-8 percent.

Strengths of this team in JDSU include:

  • Network enablement market leader (communications test instruments)
  • Well-established, highly collaborative customer relationships
  • Product portfolio depth that spans every stage of the network lifecycle
  • A rich heritage of helping customers navigate network and technology changes.

NSE after the split will be nimble, dynamic, and fast-moving with a highly responsive organization and culture. It will be focused on moving to platform-based solutions with special emphasis on developing an enterprise market presence.

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